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Is fitness support expensive or a sensible investment in your health? In this article, you will find out what a good personal trainer in Munich should cost and which qualifications you should pay particular attention to.


The price of a professionally trained personal instructor

The desire for greater efficiency and effectiveness in training is stronger than ever.

People no longer go to the gym and do a few exercises here and there but get professional support. 

Small groups and cross-training courses are booming. And so, personal training has also become popular in Germany in recent years. But this kind of customized training in a private atmosphere also has its price: In the following, you can find out how the personal trainer costs in Munich are made up and what you get for your money.

With increasing demands, the quality of the course and personal trainers in Munich and their training must logically also increase. To achieve the best results, the highest standards are absolute requirements. 

This is reflected in our philosophy, our trainers and our studio. Highly effective personal training is characterized by holistic care in all areas. Individually tailored training is only one part of the picture. 

The more comprehensive a consultation is, the more experienced the personal trainer must be. The cost of a private training hour, including health and nutritional counseling, is, of course, higher than the price of a simple cardio workout at the gym.

We can achieve excellent and sustainable results only when sleep, nutrition and lifestyle align equally with the client. Authenticity is essential to us. That’s why every Fit Team trainer goes through several stations and training levels in our in-house training academy and is personally coached by the most experienced trainers before becoming active.

Professional training also requires high-quality and modern equipment. That is why we have equipped our training studio with only the best kits, with which we can arrange the training hours optimally. These pieces of equipment also need to be renewed regularly, so we can constantly offer high-quality training.

Personal Training prices depend on …

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We always start with a free* trial training at the Fit Team Studio

Cooperation with Fit Team – Personal Trainer Munich is always preceded by a non-binding trial training with detailed analysis. During the first meeting, the customer’s goals are precisely defined, other individual details are analyzed, and more detailed content of our services is shown.

Already at this point, we can give a promising outlook for the customer and clarify all critical questions. This is followed by a determination of the current status as well as the first insight into our training processes, according to the previously defined goals of the customer.

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The approx. 75-90 minute trial training remains free of charge in case of further cooperation. In case of non-booking, we only charge a reduced fee of €59. We offer a selection of hourly packages which can be comfortably completed. For those who are determined, we also offer three different annual packages. And even if you want to train in pairs or small groups, we will indeed have the right offer for you. Your first trial training will give you a list of the current personal training prices. All exercises can occur in our studio, in nature, or at home.


What is included in the personal training price?

In most cases, fitness, performance, well-being, weight regulation, and good looks are not a one-day sprint but a marathon with intermediate sprints.

Personal training helps you to achieve your desired results faster. However, physical changes are always a process that can only be completed after two weeks, as promised in various fitness magazines. 

We accompany you in your approach and show you what works best. Our clients have benefited for years from holistic support that does not end at the studio door.

Included in our trainer costs: We are always available to help with every question and problem. We advise you in all aspects of life regarding training, nutrition, sleep and lifestyle optimization. We also track your results regularly. 

We plan workable vacation training plans, and if your trainer should be sick or on vacation, we provide replacement so that you can fully commit anytime and anywhere.

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Why is every personal training hour an investment?

Many people destroy their health in the first half of their lives to get money and then spend this money in vain in the second half of their lives to regain their health.

It’s a situation that, fortunately, many people are becoming aware of so that they can counteract it early. Personal training is certainly not cheap, but it is one of the most effective ways to stay fit and healthy into old age. It is an investment in yourself and, even more, in the highest asset you own: your health.

Personal training vs. gym - what are the differences?

Everyone knows it. You decide to finally do something for your appearance and fitness and sign up at a corner gym that advertises low membership prices. The important thing is that the training costs are low and must be clean. Best still, a few courses and sound machines finished. After a year, one wonders why everything has stayed the same despite a training plan adjusted every eight weeks. The reason is that most fitness studios – especially low-budget studios – are unwilling to invest money in qualified personnel. This, in turn, leads to inadequate support.

Because what matters is not which exercise I do, but HOW I do them. 

The correct execution, combined with other factors like intensity, speed, control, recovery, nutrition, sleep etc., makes results possible.

Not to mention a decent analysis and a clear definition of the goal. That an employed „trainer“ who has to keep an eye on about 30 people at the same time for 10-15€ hourly wage on the training floor is supposed to sell new memberships on the side, give initial rounds, mix shakes, then provide a 30min abdominal class and finally is also called in to clean specific areas… that such a trainer may not have the necessary education and cannot provide the care that would be necessary is not surprising.

“No problem; after all, I can book a personal training session to go with it.”

Premium studios, in particular, offer personal trainers at low cost. 

If you look closely, you’ll see that the booked training is much cheaper because my trainer is there for me alone, but supervision ends with exactly this training.

So I didn’t have personal training, but a single training! This difference sounds marginal, but it makes all the difference in the world. Because as described above, personal training is a process that becomes more and more precise and customized over time.

A good personal trainer knows all the strengths and weaknesses of his client, his complete injury and medical history, as well as diet, lifestyle and sleep habits and can respond to them strictly.

This is impossible with one-time support. Top-trained personal trainers, who bring you to your goals, charge higher prices.

Usually, the price per personal trainer unit in Munich is higher than the monthly fee in some fitness studios. Remember, you are paying for the trainer’s time, and the years of training and experience they bring to the table.

But in return, you get the care that makes you feel the difference.

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This is what a typical personal trainer session looks like

It’s hard to say what a regular private trainer session looks like. Because there is no „typical“ in this profession.“ Generally, the goal and the actual state of the customer ALWAYS determine the training. The whole thing is then adapted to the customer’s daily form, skills and preferences.

But if you think that personal training is always „functional training“ where you pull on some bands, simultaneously push something away from you, and recite the alphabet backward, you are far wrong. There’s no way around hard training, but we’ll show you how to do it right and where it needs to burn—specially adapted to How.

PS: Since we have our private studio, the fun factor is also quite different. We play the music you want to hear as loud as you want—no more standing in line for equipment. Personal training offers much more than „just“ training.

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How much do personal trainers cost in general in Munich?

„Personal Training“ is not a protected term in Germany. This means anyone who wants to can call themselves a personal trainer, irrespective of their training.

And this issue makes it very difficult for ordinary people to find the right trainer. Various licenses and courses are usually only weekend courses, where the participants get a lot of good input. Still, in the end, no exam, and they only get a certificate of participation. It is then up to the trainer himself, how he deals with what he has learned, how he applies it, practices it himself, etc. We often have to realize with regret that for some already active „trainers,“ it would be highly recommendable to practice even more before venturing into others. The problem then drags on like a rat’s tail.

However, by doing so, he is doing neither himself nor his customers any good. Why? Because the searching customer then gets precisely what he paid for. Low quality, no results and in the end, he even gets hurt. Disappointed about spending a lot of money for nothing, this customer will usually never book the trainer again.

Poorly educated trainers who want to earn extra money on the side and have little to no idea of business management often offer prices of 40-65€, far below market prices.

How to find a good trainer?

My tip: Test and compare different trainers and ask many questions during the trial training. Invest a few hours and change to be in the right hands. In the end, this investment and comparison will pay off.

Pay attention to whether the trainer responds to your needs or puts a template on you and starts training immediately.

Does the trainer work full-time or part-time? If the answer is part-time, you usually don’t come first. On the other hand, full-time trainers can concentrate fully on what you are doing.

Ask the trainer about results already achieved with other clients. This will help you evaluate the trainer’s work and experience better. And also, education such as a university degree in sports science or similar is very advantageous because this education is acquired through exams and not through certificates of participation.


The personal trainer charges depend on other factors

However, the price of personal training does not come from the qualification alone. If the trainer has a private studio, he has to pay rent, advertise, do bookkeeping, etc. If he trains you outside, not. Of course, this is reflected in the price. Typical studio trainers in premium studios also give a cut in the studio.

With dumping prices of 50€, no trainer can survive for long. Typical market prices in Munich are around 100€ per hour, depending on the above criteria a little more or less. This is not cheap, but don’t forget: You invest in the highest good you have. Your health. It is worth putting this asset in the hands of complete professionals. Injury and illness will cost you much more in the end.

How much personal training experience do the Fit Team Coaches have?

With more than 30,000 personal training hours, Fit Team is one of the most popular personal coaches in Munich and the surrounding area. Our trainers are experts in their specializations, have undergone our in-house training academy several times in addition to their basic training, and continue their education regularly. True to the motto, „He who has stopped improving, stops being good.“ We invite you to see for yourself and look forward to your visit to our unique training studio in Munich.

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