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Discover the difference 1-on-1 Personal Training can make to you: Lose weight, build muscle and get fitter faster than ever!

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3 Personal Training Sessions

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Your Personal Trainer Team from Munich

FIT TEAM - Experience from more than 30,000 hours of personal training

With more than 30,000 hours of personal training, millions of burned calories, and many happy customers, we are one of the most experienced and famous personal training studios in Munich and surroundings.
We look forward to meeting you in our PT studio in Munich, at your home or outdoors.

Your Fit Team Personal Trainers Munich - Vitali, Manuel, Niklas, and Andreas


More than just personal training

We offer you a highly effective and tailor-made 1-on-1 personal training, completely adapted to your goals and needs.

Move better, become stronger, and create a new body awareness with which you feel entirely comfortable.

We help you to stay fit in the long run, and at the same time, get rid of the physical limitations and typical body pain complaints of everyday life. Get the life quality you deserve.

Personal 1-on-1 training does not mean, that we only train you from time to time in our studio. When a fitness- or health related problem arises, we are there for you 24/7: We help you at any time with your diet related questions or if you suddenly experience some kind of body pain. Do not hesitate to call or text us. 

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Personal Training for beginners and advanced

We adapt the training program to your goals and level of experience

We will train you in a unique way that fits your goals and capabilities. The training sessions and exercises are different for any of our customers. In addition to the exercise selection, all parameters such as movement execution, amplitude, speed, and many more are specially adapted to your training level.

It doesn't matter if you are starting with working out, are re-entering after an injury, are preparing for a competition, or want to get the best out of yourself.

Everything is coordinated to get you fast and safe to your goal.

Services - What the Fit Team Personal Trainers can offer you

Everybody wants to be fit. But what does "fit" actually mean to you? Do you want to finally stop being out of breath when climbing stairs? Or are you the person, who would like to look sexy on the next summer holiday? Do you want to take the next 10km city run? Do you want to improve your posture and become more self-confident? Build muscles and break down fat? Would you like more energy?

Whatever YOUR GOAL is, we are in this together!

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We show you what is needed to lose body fat fast. Together we do it in a healthy and consistent way.

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You've been trying to put on more muscle for years? We help you to get bigger muscles, that don’t jus look good, but also serve you in your everyday life.

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We show you how to listen to your body and give it what it needs to function well and painlessly.

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If you often have low energy and feel powerless, we have the right solution for you: We adjust your eating, sleeping and training habits in such a way, that you gain more power, improve your endurance and feel more energetic.

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With a higher energy level, strong muscles and a better body posture you will also boost your self-confidence levels.



A good posture is the foundation for a strong and healthy body. We incorporate mobility exercises and special movements into your training sessions, that help you improve your posture.

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Reaching realistic goals faster - What is possible with personal training?

Through our 1-on-1 personal training, we can help you to succeed faster. For most of our clients, it doesn't take long for the first body changes to become visible.

And some of our clients have reached fitness levels way beyond their expectations. Take a look a 3 success stories, that took place in our studio:

Ten months ago Eva made a life changing decision. She wanted to get rid of her excess body fat once and for all. No half measures, no pullbacks, no excuses: With consistent PT sessions in our studio and a huge amount of willpower she managed to lose an incredible 52Kg! We are so proud of you Eva!

Sebastian has managed to get into the best form of his life in just 9 months! He built up 6Kg of muscle and lost 9Kg of body fat. A great example of how a difference of just 3kg of bodyweight can look like. Keep it up Sebastian!

Ersin "Eco" wanted to do more for himself and his body after a 2-year motivation low. Five months later, the abdominal fat is almost gone, and all the blood parameters look good again! The before and after pictures were taken at 7am. Authenticity comes first! Thank you for your trust Eco!

Personal Training For Your Wellbeing 

The Fit Team Munich Philosophy

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Meet the FIT TEAM Personal Trainer Team for Munich and surroundings

All Fit Team Munich personal trainers have been specially trained for high effective 1-on-1 fitness coachings. We are among the teams in Munich with the most private coaching experience. We'll show you now our Team of professional Trainers. We are all looking forward to to meeting you in our studio. If you would like to arrange a trial training session with us, you can reach us at any time under:

+49 89 20184238 

Personal Trainer Vitali

Vitali is the most experienced trainer in the personal trainer team from Munich and your specialist for functional training and fitness boxing. Vitali has been working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer for over 15 years. In the course of his career, he has helped many people to get into top form and achieve their goals. As a former competitive athlete, Vitali is the right contact for performance enhancement and figure-shaping in Munich.

personal trainer vitali schmidt

Personal Trainer Manuel

Manuel has a degree in sports science and is a passionate personal trainer. He transfers his motivation for the sport to his customers every day. Manuel cares for his customers in an holistic way and and always finds the right training intensity to make fast results possible. His passion for functional training is based on 20 years of experience in numerous sports. He is also an expert in the field of rehabilitation. His favourite tool is high intensity training. He uses this training method very effectively to help this clients build and define their muscles, lose body fat and just feel great.

Personal Trainer München Manuel

Personal Trainer Ann

Ann is personal trainer out of conviction. As a half-American with roots in Boston, she benefits from an international approach and
teaches her clients bilingually. Her high demands on her own training and not least, her 20 years of experience in martial arts, make
her an expert in the fields of strength and mobility, as well as functional training, HIT and bodyweight training. She implements the fact
that physical fitness not “only” leads to an improved health, mental strength and beneficial visual aspects, but to a more flexible and
agile body as well.

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Personal Trainer Andreas

Andreas has a degree in sports science (specializing in leisure and competitive sports). He has been an enthusiastic endurance athlete for many years. After 14 years of an active football career, he switched to endurance sports in 2006 and ran the Munich Marathon in the same year.

This was followed by several years of starts over shorter distances in the Bavarian triathlon league. Since 2015 he is on the long-distance triathlon (Ironman) and was allowed to fly to Hawaii for the Ironman World Championship in the same year.

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Our fully equipped personal training studio in Munich

For our professional 1-on-1 training we have fully equipped studio with high-quality and modern equipment. You will find barbells, kettlebells, balance trainer and professional weight stations in our studio, aswell as professional machine equipment from Keiser and Concept2: Our 130 sqm training room is guaranteed to be one of the best-equipped personal trainer studios in Munich.

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  • Large, separate shower and changing areas
  • Sports towels included
  • Shower and body care products included
  • Play your music on our Bluetooth sound system
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We also train you outside, at work and at home

You don't want to train in overcrowded gyms without supervision? We will help you achieve your fitness goals in a familiar environment. Experience how effective training in your living room can be and enjoy the service of a secure and reliable private trainer team.

Do you like to train outdoors? Or would you like mix up your studio training every now and then? No problem! Munich, the most beautiful city in the world, offers excellent outdoor training possibilities.

Our Personal Training Studio is located near the Munich Central Station

As already mentioned, we also train you at home or in your hotel. But our studio is also easy to reach. You can reach us easy by car (parking directly at Paul-Heyse-Str.), by bicycle or by public transportation (Munich Central Station).

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Do you have any question? Contact us now!
We usually get back to you within the next 12 hours

We try to provide you a complete picture of our service on this website. But sometimes we forget to mention something. If you have any question about our personal training service or if you would like to contact a trainer to schedule a trial session, then here is your chance to do so:

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